I think Siping felt exactly the same way.

Do you believe in the existence of ghosts?

The author of this article is a famous critic.


We'll stop here for today.

Antony said he wanted to be here.

No person with that name exists.

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Jong looks awesome.

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I wish I were as smart as you.

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I didn't know you didn't live in Boston anymore.


I need a job.

The truth hurts.

Masanao was very arrogant.

I think you'll enjoy it.

Never contradict your elders.

Is he going to help us?

I'll never forget how kind Timothy was to everyone.


I was taken aback by his rudeness.


If only I had known this before taking this test!

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She has her arm in a cast.

The moon is the Earth's satellite.

I'm so sorry. Are you okay?

There's no point in asking me for money.

We should call off the search.

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They were badly off at that time.

Laurie sat on the chair.

The policeman noticed a man sneak in.


I haven't gone anywhere in a long time.


There is easy access to the beach.

I told Kyle I made a mistake.

The dictionary is big.

You don't need to worry.

Where's my bike?

We went on a date by the river.

How do I find you?

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It's hard to eat just one strawberry.

They don't have resources.

It's going to take three weeks.

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There were a lot of twists and turns to the story, but we finally solved the problem.

I got up so an old man could sit in my seat.

Himawan is helping Jordan with her research.

I discussed the matter with him.

Some words are hard to define.

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This sentence is funny.


Could you dust off the table?

Please help yourself to the fruit.

Everybody got up to leave.


Where is Kamiya going to go?

I played violin when I was a kid.

We got on the same bus.


Naim and John are identical twins.

I can ski.

Oskar glanced at the clock.

Straka will be back by Monday.

That man was fired last week.


He placed the order over the phone after he got to his workplace.

That has nothing to do with him.

Oscar said that he didn't understand French.

Her daughter has become a beautiful woman.

The earth is where we all live.

Sigurd is a few inches shorter than Kristian.

I really don't want anything to eat right now.

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He repeated in public what I had said.

I'm not allowed to tell you what you want to know.

I didn't prepare a presentation. So I just blagged it.

I think Jarvis is ugly.

What is the most read book in the world?

I was able to sell my used car for 100 dollars.

I'm in the middle of a muddle.

He has writing talent.

I'm definitely falling in love.

You should stop drinking.

I was like you once.

I'll tell Donna tomorrow.

I didn't want to spend any more time cleaning the kitchen floor.

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If camping doesn't float your boat, then you probably don't want to spend the weekend with us.


Phillip wears his heart on his sleeve.

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They tried everything.

Nothing can change that.

That custom has become very widespread.


We've accomplished a lot of things.

What's the minimum salary in Luxembourg?

We have no notion of attacking him.

He has a position.

"Special forces might do a lot of things that regular troops wouldn't do" "Like torture?" "I won't answer this question"

Dan prefers to translate his own sentences.

The king was deprived of his power.

My mother tongue is Japanese.

Oranges are bigger than tangerines.

I just wish I knew how to do that.

There's no need to yell.

Some families spend their vacation near the beach.

Her fingers hooked around a juniper trunk, and with her other hand she reached high and found purchase among the stone knobs at the top.

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The negotiations fell through.

You mustn't drive on the right.

Where are the flowers now?

Nobody knows the original language of their holy writings.

Pass down the car, please.

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I've never been to New York, and my sister hasn't, either.

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I can't settle for this boring life.

I'd rather that we get a divorce.

I'll tell you what we'll do.


Do you want to sell your house?

I am shattered.

Max is a morning person.

This is how I made it.

Beckie keeps getting hurt.


I was laughing so hard I nearly dislocated my jaw.

What time will Jeffrey arrive in Boston?

I refuse to let you marry that man.

I'll ask how to get there.

Somebody has to stop him.

I'm sorry I got you involved in this.

Jochen noticed a police car in the rear-view mirror.

You are a drug addict like me!

Where do I sit?

This is a person.

What do you want with us?

You love us.

How are you guys doing?


I don't know exactly where.

How much time, more or less, does it take to walk from here to the town hall?

I'm not able to swim.


She was my best friend.


Is that all Tai told you?



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Salmon lay their eggs in fresh water.

What do you think Nora is up to?

Pamela broke his leg in a cycling accident.


Mom is getting dinner ready.

We're dedicated.

No, my parents are actually residing in Minas and Sao Paulo.


I'm here to see Rodney.

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Lord never did anything for anybody, except for himself.

The young lady carried a child in her arm.

She praised her husband to excess.

I'm not a slut!

I'm talking with a friend at the moment; I'll get in touch with you in just a moment.


Have you finished packing your bags for your trip to China?

Please tell me Dewey is OK.

The fan asked for his autograph.


Have you done this before?

Lori has dual citizenship.

She is a Hollywood star.

This rare stamp is hard to come by.

He seemed to read at random.

People have eaten with their fingers from the beginning of history.

If I were younger, I would go abroad to study.

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I maintain that sports are a waste of time.

She plays tennis with her friends once a week.

He is on speaking terms with his classmates.


I thought you might've left town.

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I go skiing very often.

What more do you want, Izzy?

He told me about it in private.

I must ask you to do just that.

I had no trouble finding Rudolph's office.


Ric nervously handed Heidi the knife.