The children are listening attentively.

The lights in the kitchen burned all night.

I exercise almost every day.

The ship dropped anchor in the harbor.

I'm out of control.

She shared her piece of cake with me.

I was really satisfied.

Syun isn't breathing.


He is not very good company.


If it doesn't rain, let's go out.

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How long did it take you to fall for each other?

Did you send Martha flowers?

My son can already count up to one hundred.


Lorien didn't say how many people were at his party.


That is because I got up late.

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I live in Tokyo.


The new method is well worth consideration.

Why does luck hate them?

She takes pride in her good looks.

I couldn't stop myself.

I'm glad you're enjoying it.

It is necessary to look more carefully into the demographic configuration of this region.

All Archie's friends warned her that Dana was only after her money.

I love traveling.

Happy is the one who has not killed the child in his soul.

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I stepped on a nail.

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The company turned him down for no apparent reason.


I wish I could buy you everything you needed.

Smoking is not permitted in the cinema.

Let's not go over that again.


The users of Tatoeba are called Tatoebians.


I lied to you because I didn't want to go.


Could you write down the address, please?

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The bus was almost completely empty.

He furnished food to the hungry.

My father was a tree.

I missed the beginning of the movie.

Let's get it over with.

Stop daydreaming.

We were at John's house last weekend.

Kevan is happy.

Slartibartfast helped Alexander get in the car.

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I'm pretty short.

There are more Buddhists in Germany today than people who know how to make a good chocolate cake.

Sanche has been playing sad songs all night.

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What does it mean?

Why are you dressing?

Are you for or against the bill?

I take the liberty of going home.

Ramadoss approved.

When you are cheerful, books can increase your happiness; when you are sad, books can lessen your sorrow.

You're incredibly cute.

The end does not necessarily justify the means.

Marcos is a geologist.


Stuart said you were cool.


He came up with the solution to the problem.


I feel better.

It's a very strange case.

I really want to see you.

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It's a fruit.

I have everything here that I need.

This is the first time I've ever told Taninna 'I love you'.

You have to watch out for avalanches at this time of the year.

No. I don't know. It's a lot of things.

You were there, right?

They called President Roosevelt a pirate.

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Liz came to school even though he was sick.

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I have to look after this cat.


I got an unpleasant news.

There is no place for chauvinism in an equal society.

Knute looked for his glasses.

Ask him if he speaks Japanese.

Where did you ever find him?

The festival was a great success.

Did you hire Andreas?

Pieter owns a small piece of land in the country.

These are evidences of an ancient missing culture.

Fred and his friends made a short film.

This is the room into which he went.

Hui had two choices.

It is very impolite of her to decline their invitation.

Dalton and Phillip were alone in the elevator.

We have to protect our border.


We can do more.


I am not going anywhere.


Can we at least think about it for a minute?


Marlena said he needed more time.

Taxes should be levied in proportion to ability to pay and in proportion to the benefits received. Income was wisely chosen as the measure of benefits and of ability to pay.

Dave hates everybody.

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He gave me a fierce look.

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I wasn't guilty.

What is he driving at?

Stewart needs medical assistance.

You're not aiming high enough.

As everyone stood guard silently, someone ran to the corner of the street and called over a police officer.

How quickly can we do that?

It proved to be the deathblow to their plan.

Jinny doesn't work as hard as he used to.

Men are going.

Stop acting like this Shannon! I'm tired of this nonsense! Just have done with it already!

She told me the project had been a failure.

There are over 800,000 Basque speakers in the world.

I live in New York.


Your smile always makes me happy.

It appeared a true story.

Please stop this nonsense.

Let's take a rest.

Don't begin without me.

I wanna see them!

You still owe us money.

You must be careful from now on.

Hsuan seems satisfied.

Please lock the door.

Well, let's give it a try.


Cold waves have become less frequent and intense across the Nation.

Novorolsky said that he didn't know how to speak French.

Don't tell Rafael about what we did today.

Vince put the calendar on the wall behind his desk.

My father, in his infinite wisdom, has forgotten to bring the tarp again.

It's 8 P.M.

We can't trust her.

Let's have fun tonight.

What an idiot!

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Lila is very skinny, isn't he?

I was too tired to stand.

They valued my efforts.


It was only yesterday that I realized what she really meant.


In doing anything, you must do your best.


Do you have any French-speaking employees?

Can we forget about that?

Leave me alone so I can get some sleep.

I'm asking you to give Knut a chance.

Donald Trump warned that if he does not win, the United States could turn into "Argentina or Venezuela."


The sea was raging against them more and more.

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There's nothing illegal about creating a shell company.

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Wow, that was fast!


Iaido, it is a form of swordsmanship that strikes down an attacking opponent with one blow of the sword quickly drawn out of its sheath, whether one is sitting or walking.

I certainly would like a refund.

The house where I live belongs to my parents.

We all agreed to meet here again next Monday.

She had to alter her dress by herself.


Florian couldn't just sit by and watch Varda being bullied.

Penalty fare or prosecution : if you fail to show on demand a valid ticket for the whole of your journey or a validated Oyster card.

I am going to shoot down enemy aircrafts.

Don't forget to spend a little time looking over your notes before the exam.

According to an estimate, steel production will reach 100 million tons this year.

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Aarhus, the second-largest city in Denmark, has the zip code 8000.

I explained my predicament.

I want to be Randolph's friend.

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Pamela knows a good Chinese restaurant not too far from his office.


I'd like to give you something.

Where is the other end of this thread?

Having a full time job and raising two kids at the same time is hard.

Michael gave it to Dora.

Don't leave things half finished.

It makes me shiver just to think of it.

Cacao trees only prosper under specific conditions, including fairly uniform temperatures, high humidity, abundant rain, nitrogen-rich soil, and protection from wind.